Other Finalists

  • Academy of Reality, Steve Putnam, Southwick, MA
  • A Ladder in the Dark, Gregory Carlyle Jones, Orinda, CA
  • A Murmuration of Souls, Dennis Goldin, Edgartown, MA
  • A Truer Life, Pamela Reitman, San Francisco, CA
  • American Gospel, Lin Enger, Moorhead, MN
  • Angels Salvation, Domenick Venezia, Shoreline, WA
  • An Optimist by Degrees, John E. Madigan, Fitchburg, WI
  • Astonish Me, Nancy Ritter, Beaufort, SC
  • Beauty Butte, David Martin Anderson, Boerne, TX
  • Beauty Is Not Obtained Without Great Suffering, Louis Dischler, Spartanburg, SC
  • Bernie and the Hermit, Mathew Tekulsky, Los Angeles, CA
  • Bristlecone Falls, Joseph S. Rice, Jr., Columbia, SC
  • Bruise, Adrian Markle, Penryn, UK
  • Chasing Charles Bukoski, Michael T. Tusa Jr., Abita Springs, LA
  • Cottonwood, Michael P. Welsh, Yankton, SD
  • Dinner Conversation, Corie Adjmi, New York NY
  • Elle Mae Latour’s Bigger Life, Jacqueline Guidry, Kansas City, MO
  • Flagstaff, Phil Hagen, Flagstaff, AZ
  • Frankie, Teddy Jones, Friona, TX
  • Furnace Creek, Joseph Allen Boone, Los Angeles, CA
  • Harmony’s Peace & Joy, Mary Hutchings Reed, Chicago, IL
  • Hitchhiking in the Graveyard, Bram Kincheloe, High Falls, NY
  • Holding Cassandra, Susie Slosburg, Rocksville, NY
  • Home for the Bewildered, Michelle Tobin, Erie, PA
  • It’s So Hard to Tell Who’s Going to Love You Best, Henry Anderson, Portland, ME
  • Killing Friends, Nancy Bruett, Marblehead, MA
  • Lazarus Incorporated, Stan Kempton, New Orleans, LA
  • Lonny’s Wall, Steve Kash, Terre Haute, IN
  • Martha Unraveled, Peggy O’Neal Peden, Nashville, TN
  • Master Plan, Marilyn Moriarty, Roanoke, VA
  • Merlin of the Magnolias, Gardner Landry, Houston, TX
  • Michael and the Mermaid, Biloxi, MS
  • Mirth, Kathleen George, Pittsburg, PA
  • Monsoon : Butterfly, Daniel Degnan, River Vale, NJ
  • Mountains, Travelers and Storms, Rachel Gottlieb, Evanston, IL
  • Muse, Shelley Stoehr, West Haven, CT
  • Of Two Minds, Roger Grant, Brighton, UK
  • Oil and Water, C.W. Canon, New Orleans, LA
  • One World, Janet Taylor-Perry, Ridgeland, MS
  • Outermark, Jason Brown, Eugene, OR
  • Parting before They’re Called Men, Ward Brian Zimmerman, Boone, NC
  • Perspectives, Matthew Minson, Langley Spring, TX
  • Plumbing Olympus, Diane Louie, Paris, France
  • Royal Justice, Julie Ann Candoli, Austin, TX
  • Saboteurs, Aaron Paul Riley, Fayettville, AR
  • Sam’s Town, Candi Sary, Newport Beach, CA
  • Seeing What You See, Martha Burns, Santa Fe, NM
  • September Fourteenth, Carol Owens Campbell, Naples, FL
  • Shallow Waters, Alma Garcia, Seattle WA
  • Sidetracked, Jay A. Jarrell, Tampa, FL
  • Silent Echo, Beth Burgmeyer, Norwalk, IA
  • Sins of the Mothers, Sylvia Johns Schneller, Bay St. Louis, MS
  • Sisters of the Undertow, Johnnie Bernhard, Ocean Springs, MS
  • Sleep Leap, Jennifer Voigt Caplan, Chatham, NJ
  • Socrates is Dead, Nancy Avery Dafoe, Homer, NY
  • Sweet Jane, Joanne Easley, Medina, TX
  • The Book of Gothel, Mary McMyne, Sault Sainte Marie, MI
  • Ten Buddhas Plus Two, Thomas Owen, Dallas, TX
  • The Accidental Life of Daniel Sibley, Liz Esse Kahrs, Scituate, MA
  • The Adulterers Club, Laura Brodie, Lexington, VA
  • The Alibi Scheme, Raimey Gallant, Winnipeg, Canada
  • The Art of Deception, Joel Freiburger, Glen Ellyn, IL
  • The Beauty of the Teenage Boy, Kristin Sanders, New Orleans, LA
  • The Bed You Lie In, Gay Walley, New York, NY
  • The Brightest Place in the World, David P. Mullins Omaha NE
  • The Children of Angels’ Eyrie, Rosemary Johnston, Harrogate, UK
  • The Day the Music Didn’t Die, Julia Tagliere, Sandy Spring, MD
  • The Desert Chicken, Brian Stine, St. George, UT
  • The Insomniacs Club, Maria Kochis, Sacramento, CA
  • The Knife-Edge Path, Patrick Leahy, Eugene, OR
  • The Last Strike, Larry E. Ringler, Ravenna, OH
  • The Lightening Wolves, Richard Lawhon, Crawfordville, FL
  • The Lord’s Acre, David Armand, Hammond, LA
  • The Love of Lucifer, John R. Foley, Rockville MD
  • The Man from Pravda, Brenda L. Horrigan, Vineyard Haven, MA
  • The Monsters We Make, Kali VanBaale, Bondurant, IA
  • The Origin of Wonder, Nicole Fix, Brooklyn, NY
  • The Other La Bohème, Yukihisa Yorker Kageyama, New York, NY
  • The Revelation of Chester Fortunberry, Don Waitt, Tampa, FL
  • The Road is a Sword, Robert Brown Butler
  • The Sultan’s House, Sarah Edwards, New Orleans, LA
  • The Thinking Log, Thomas Michael Townsend, Santa Fe, NM
  • The Valiant Thirteen – The Chase, Laura Davies Tilley, Arnold, MD
  • The Woman of the Ferry, Robert Raymer, Kuchang, Malaysia
  • Time Interrrupted, Tina D.C. Hayes, Dixon, KY
  • to be Enlightened, Alan J. Steinberg, Los Angeles, CA
  • Universal Payphone, Remy Barnes, Ithaca, NY
  • Vegas Dirt, Bruce Isaacson, Las Vegas, NV
  • Vinyl, Howard D. Lavine, Washington, DC
  • Water, A Novel, Warren Nagueyalti, Lithonia, GA
  • Where I Went Wrong, David Galef, Montclair, NJ
  • Zinzi, Phyllis MacBryde, New York, NY

The Semi-Finalists

  • Abilene, Dare DeLano, Valley Center, CA
  • An Isle in the Sky, Victor Bondar, Memphis, TN
  • An Unexpected Gift, Robert Raymer, Kuchang, Malaysia
  • Avengale and The River of Lost Memories, RS Acosta, Las Vegas, NV
  • BulletPoints, Kyle Carraher, Philadelphia, PA
  • Bull Run, Patrick Power, Dobbs Ferry, NY
  • Call Me Rooster, Virginia Ewing Hudson, Raleigh NC
  • Champagne Friday, Brian L. Boger, Columbia, SC
  • Chimère, Jonathan Calloway (Thomas Moreau), Black Mountain, NC
  • Clandestine Games: Junior Recruit, Jonathan Berent, Mountain View, CA
  • Coventry, Monica Comas, New York, NY
  • Crucifix Built for Two, Lis Anna Langston, Columbia, SC
  • Detour, Megan Mertz, LaVale, MD
  • Doubt Thou Not, Joe Tom King, South Port, FL
  • Fault Lines, Jan Underwood, Portland, OR
  • Finally We Talked, Sue Hruby, West Tisbury, MA
  • Gabriela, Thomas Bardenwerper, Cambridge, MA
  • Ghost of a Chance, John Foley, Prescott Valley, AZ
  • Girl Falling, Leslie Tall Manning, New Bern, NC
  • Girl of the Golden Larches, Lisa Morriss-Andrews, Kingston, Ontario
  • Goats in the Time of Love, Tracey Braun (T. Elizabeth Bell), Washington, DC
  • Guardians of Water, Amy Wachspress, Ukiah, CA
  • Holy Family, Alice Bolstridge, Presque Isle, ME
  • If Not for the Silence, H. Ní Aódagaín, Murphey, Murphy, OR
  • In All Good Faith, Liza Nash Taylor, Keswick, VA
  • In Our Midst, Nancy Jensen, Richmond, KY
  • In the Shadow of the Tombs, Karima Alavi, Abiquiu, NM
  • Justice Delayed, Michael Jimerson, Henderson, TX
  • Ladies and Gentlemen, The Pluffmans, Patrick Walczy Cary, NC
  • Land Eater, Zachary Tyler Vickers, Philadelphia, PA
  • Like the Mischief, Cathy Lachin, Houston, TX
  • Lost in the Sun, Patrick Leahy, Eugene, OR
  • MAJIK, Marry Fancher, Baldwinsville, NY
  • Mayan Miracles, Mark Mitchell, Savannah, GA
  • Mirror of My Love, David Davran
  • Mom, Wanna Have a Catch?, Austin Ken Kutscher Jr., Flemington, NJ
  • Muskets and Minuets, Lindsey Fera, Newmarket, NH
  • Nothing Uncommon, Kay M. Osborne, Jamaica, WI
  • Obit People, Norman Draper, Bloomington, MN
  • Of Noble Blood, Debra Borchert
  • One Wondrous Sum, Mark Canada, Kokomo, IN
  • Opening Day, James Sisk, Traverse City, MI
  • Parallels that Cross, Gary L. Graham, Medford, MA
  • Paricutin, Jerome Dobson, Atlanta, GA
  • Peach Seed Monkey, Anita Gail Jones, Novato, CA
  • Quake City, St. John Karp, New Orleans, LA
  • Reality Unleashed, Rachel Leidenfronst, Buffalo, NY
  • Relegated to Robin, Tambria Carter, Meadow Vista, CA
  • Resolutions, Jen Knox, Reynoldsburg, OH
  • River of Forgetting, Cary Groner, El Sobrante, CA
  • Romancing the Cork, Christopher Caci, Santa Barbara, CA
  • Save Someone, Elle Napolitano, Oakland, CA
  • Second Island, Patrick Earl Ryan, San Francisco, CA
  • Something Wicked, Joe Coon, Tuscaloosa, AZ
  • Shadowwright, Justin Haden, Justice, IL
  • Sisterly Love, D. L. Lee
  • Spitting on Hegel, Carolyn Breedlove, Natchitoches, LA
  • Stained Glass, Evan LeBlanc (Gerred Lee), Rio Rancho, NM
  • Stealing Home, Jay A. Jarrell, Tampa, FL
  • Storyteller, Frank S. Johnson, Greenfield, MS
  • Tendrils of War, John Sizemore, West Palm Beach, FL
  • The Accidental Dissident, Tonya Jacobi, Chicago, IL
  • The American Dream, Lorelei Brush, Annandale, VA
  • The Bachelor Scrolls, Lamont Blackstone (Geronimo Redstone), Mount Vernon NY
  • The Bias of Rain, Raimey Gallant, Winnipeg, Canada
  • The Children’s Corner, Bobbie Jean Huff, Pennington, NJ
  • The Course of a River, Christy Quinto, Berkley, CA
  • The Curse of the Mulatto, Maggie Collins, New Orleans, LA
  • The Dark Light, Natalya F. MacWilliams, Portland, ME
  • The Disharmony of Silence, Linda Rosen, Fair Lawn, NJ
  • The English Actress, Melissa Pritchard, Columbus, GA
  • The Facts of Lies, Tom Nussbaum, Seattle, WA
  • The Fortunate, Sonya Haywood, San Antonio, TX
  • The Ghosts of Hawks Cove, Katherine Lee Clark, Portland, OR
  • The Girl Who Knew, Curt Klinghoffer, Port Wentworth, GA
  • The Inevitable Past, Carrie Knowles, Raleigh, NC
  • The Jade Fish of Perpetuity, Patrick Earl Ryan, San Francisco, CA
  • The Lovers of Córdoba, Elizabeth Carter Wellington, Wellesley, MA
  • The Red Corner, Russell Working, Oak Park, IL
  • The Rosa Luxemburg Socialist Strip Club, Lita Kurth, San Jose, CA
  • The Song of the Revenant: The Plea of the Dead, Garrison Dinsmore, Newcastle, WA
  • The Summer of Sizzle: Meet the Odd Fellows, Robert Raymer, Kuchang, Malaysia
  • The Tell-Tale Heart, Rich Novotney, Middleton, WI
  • The Theory of Two Demons, Gregory Carlyle Jones, Orinda, CA
  • The Things of A Child, or Pudgy’s Book, Jay Matthew Korn, San Rafael, CA
  • The Young and Disillusioned, Kathleen Arnal (Kathleen McGuire), Golden, CO
  • This Is How She Left Us, Ellen Wilson, Pittsburg, PA
  • Threshold, A Novel, Maryann Lessert, Kentwood, MI
  • Tread the Shadows, Kristan Keegan, Pinole, CA
  • Under Fire, Ronnie Wright, Denham Springs, LA
  • Unto the Land Enchanted, Glen Wood, Hickson, TN          
  • We Are the Brennans, Tracy Lange, Bend, OR
  • What Happened to Harry Hearne, Caroline Jennings (CPT Jennings), Greenfield MA
  • Where He Belongs, Sandra Vea, Lynnwood, WA
  • You Can See More From Up Here, Mark Guerin, Harpswell, ME
  • You’re What’s Left, Bobbie Jean Huff, Pennington, NJ

Other Finalists

  • Delighting the Senses, Michael Pedretti, Williamsburg, VA
  • Accidental Celibacy,
  • An Old Chaos, Lawrence Wells, Oxford, MS
  • Boundaries, Leslie Daniels, Thorold, Ontario, Canada
  • Hey, Mom, the Recliner Fell on Dad Again, Tom McKenna, Hingham, MA
  • Holding Onto The Right Side of Up, Pat Gallant, New York, NY
  • Lightning Twice, Ann F. Conn, Covington, LA
  • My Heart on a Thursday, Duane DeRaad, El Prado, NM
  • Sleep, Pray, Heal, Donna Fado Ivery, Richmond, CA
  • Palette and Pen, James Michael Warner, Kirkwood, MO
  • The Dead Lawyer’s Wife, Kathleen McGuire, Tybee Island, GA
  •  The Good Southern Widow, Kathleen McGuire, Tybee Island, GA
  • The Remains of My Dreams, Chielozono Eze, Chicago, IL
  • The Things of a Child, Jay Matthew Korn, San Rafael, CA
  • The Way Everyone Wants to Be Loved, Mal King, Santa Paula, CA
  • Two Inches to Freedom, Lisa Faulkner, Oakland, CA


  • Delighting the Senses, Michael Pedretti, Williamsburg, VA
  • Love, Sanity, or Medical School,
  • Mandatory Dancing, Solveig Eggertz, Alexandria, VA
    Missing Children, Laura Bernstein-Machlay, Detroit, MI
  • Raw, Juanita Tovar Muti, New York, NY
  • The Farthest Reaching Ball, Jamie Enslin, Seattle, WA
  • The Even-handed Rain, Faye George, Bridgewater, MA
  • The Five People You’ll Meet in Prison, Brandon M. Stickney, Holiday, FL

Other Finalists
Dance of the Deacons, Tom McKenna, Hingham, MA
Down Below, Michael Hendrychs, Chicago, IL
The Ferry and the Road, Lawrence Coates, Bowling Green, OH
The Test Dogs, Benjamin Duffy, Fort Walton Beach, FL
The Phenomenalist, Conrad Aragón,
The Road to Santiago, Alison McMahan, Pompano Beach, FL

Caliban, John Smelcer, Kirksville, MO
Coasting on Fumes, Benjamin Duffy, Fort Walton Beach, Fl
Husanotra, Leonardo Duarte, Milton, Ontario, Canada
Señora Loyola’s Girls, Benjamin Duffy, Fort Walton Beach, Fl
Smack Snake, Sean O”Hale, South Orange, NJ
The Butterfly Nebulae, Susan Paisley, Cedar Hill, TN

Other Finalists
A Day In Paradise, Yegin Ma, Hong Kong, S. A. R.
A Healthy Relationship with Time, Ashley Wolfe, New Orleans, LA
Dear Creek, Dr. J. C. G. Goelz, Pineville, LA
A Good Catch, Lesley Hardy, Oxford, OH
Bent Spoon, John Lang, Malibu, CA
Burns and Other Accidents, Nancy Antle, New Haven, CT
Carolina Parakeet, Murdic Jones, Monks Corner, SC
Dead to Rights, Lottie Brent Boggan, Jackson, MS
Friendship, Amina Gautier, Chicago, IL
Good Deeds, Judith McGinn, Skaneateles, NY

Healthy Relationship, Ashley Wolfe, New Orleans, LA
Hotel Z, Patricia Warren, Atlanta, GA
In the Hot Springs at Niseko, Dan Turtel, New York, NY
Mrs. Cunningham, Leslie Daniels, Thorold, Ontario, Canada
Last Letters, Obert Fittje, Tallahassee, FL
Marching, Carrie La Seur, Billings, MT
Marlo Thomas Mom, Maryann LeSert, Kentwood, MI
Me To You, Pat Gallant, New York, NNashville Radio, Tom Andes, New Orleans, LA
On Iconic Bonds, Elissa C. Huang, Hoboken, NJ
Rib-Eye in  the Sky, Catherine Moore, Nashville, TN
Savage Figure Eight, Mike Tuohy, Jefferson, GA
Saving the Horse, S. J. MacLean, Santa Rosa, CA
Source, Rosemary James, Harrogate, WK
Stark and Pure, Sudy Leavy, Athens, GA
The Devil’s Country, Michael Ditchfield, Edgartown, MA
The Downtown Improvement Society, Kim Bonner, Arcadia, FL
The Happiness of Water, Laura Herbst, Portland, OR
The Last Rites, Michael Tusa, Jr., Abita Springs, LA
The Maz Files, M.G. Walsh, Philadelphia, PA
The Moth, M. Y. Lam, Brookline, MA
We Just Get More Like Ourselves, Jean Dowdy, St. Augustine, FL
Whether the Storm, Amina Gautier, Chicago, IL
Boone’s Rules, Mary Hutchins Reed, Chicago, IL
Crimson Dreams, Huei Lin,
Death or Insanity, S. A. Slosberg, Bronxville, NY
Dinosaria, Elizabeth Stix, Berkeley, CA

Dogfish at Work, Mary Rowen, Arlington, MA
Drive-Thru Hats, Catherine Moore, Nashville, TN
Golden Memories, Tom Andes, New Orleans, LA
Heads or Tails, Poem Schway,
Home is Where, Sandra Hunter, Simi Valley, CA
Neuron Forest, Maryann LeSert, Kentwood, MI
Out of Purgatory and Into Hell, Anne Unger, Brookfield, IL
Penultimate Dad, Bill Glose, Yorktown, VA
Return of the Molly Maguires, Mark Havlik, Huntersville, NC
Saving Grady, Cindy Corpier, Irving, TX
Soror Mystica, Barbara de la Cuesta,
Tasmanian Tigers and The Last Palawa
, Murdic Jones, Monks Corner, SC

The Age of Amends, Kat Coffee, Columbia, SC
The Appeal, James Sisk, Traverse City, MI
The Price of Admission, Jenell Abram, Lancaster, PA
The Prize, Diana Gordon, Leeds, MA
Whisper in the Wind, M. Y. Lam, Brookline, MA
We All Get Touched, Michael Jimerson, Henderson, TX
Welcome to Hornet County, Kim Bradley, St. Augustine, FL
Where’s Opal, Joyce Davis, Northbrook, IL
Womb, Rosemary Johnson, Harrogate, UK

Other Finalists
After Losing Jewel, Barbara Ritchie, Vancouver, WA
A Jury of One, John Warley, Beaufort, SC
American Heroine
, Katherine Lim, London, England, UK
An Absence of Arms
, Dare Delano

Black Rice, Sandra Jackson-Opoku, Chicago, IL

Body Art Prison, Robert Hambling Davis, Newark, DE
Cedars and Cinnamon, Angie Ellis, Duncan, British Columbia, Canada
Chasing the Three Graces, Maureen Welch, St. Augustine, FL
Coming Home Again, Michael T. Tusa, Jr., Abita Springs, LA
Exchange Place, Tara Deal, New York, NY

Felix, Charles Fancher, Sciota, PA
In the Quiet of Her Heart, Meaghan Clark, New Orleans, LA
Funerals, Victor Hess, Slidell, LA
Gray Cove, Kim Griffin, Gilmer, TX
Humbled Soul, Martha Burns, Sante Fe, NM
Judah the Reb, Elmhurst, IL

Lost in the Toy Box, J.C.G. Goelz, Pineville, LA
Lower Case love, Geoff Schutt, Salem, MA
Murder on the Ponte Vecchio, Nancy Dafoe, Homer, NY
Overland, Ellen Breck Coggeshall, Barnstable, MA
Red Lotus, Kate Lila Wheeler, Somerville, MA
Samael’s Purpose, Grant Halstead, Ocean Springs, MS

Saint Joseph’s Day, Eliza Speranza, New Orleans, LA
School of Agriculture, Steve Putnam, Southwick, MA
Second Chance, Jay Jarrell, Tampa, FL

September Fourteenth, Carol Owens Campbell, Naples, FL
She Invented the Movies, Alison McMahon, Pampano Beach, FL
Shooting Rockets at the Moon, Mame Ekblom Cudd, Sagle, ID
Skeleton World, Julie Weary, Vero Beach, FL

Target Practice, Minrose Gwin, Austin, TX
The Brightest Place in the World, David Philip Mullins, Omaha, NE
The Beauty of the Teenage Boy, Kristin Sanders, New Orleans, LA

The Call, Benjamin Morris, New Orleans, LA
The Club, Liz Gruder, Covington, LA
The Darkening, Yoruba Baltrip Coleman, New Orleans, LA

The Havana Standard, Tim Weed, Putney, VT
The Haka Girl, Donna Olson, Fort Pierce, FL

The Lupin Gene, Matthew Minson, Spring, TX
The Irony of Finding, Hallie P. Coreil, Washington, LA
The Same Country
, Carole Burns, Cardiff, Wales, UK

The Sun Was a Woman, Laura Herbst, Portland, OR
Welcome to My Lucky Life, Salem, MA
Aion: The Infernui Experience, Torrin M. Kearns, Jersey City, NJ
Antics in the Family
, Leslie Daniels, Thorold, Ontario, Canada
Arroya Circle, Joe Ann Hart, Gloucester, MA

Base Closure, Murdic Jones, Moncks Corner, SC
Beasts of Paradise, Tom Howard, Arlington, VA
Beatty’s Butte, David Martin Anderson, Boone, TX
Birthwork, Mary Pembleton, Swananoa, NC

Call of the Red Bird, Ann Howell, Asheville, NC
Dolores Couvillon, Sharon LaCour, Amery, WI
Double Vodka, Josh Kelley, Mount Vernon, WA
Eleanor Dare, Murdic Jones, Moncks Corner, SC
Feast, Misty Smith, Decatur, MS
Hex Signs, Elizabeth Amon, Seattle, WA
Isabelle, Activist, Donald O’Callahan, New Orleans, LA

Immortals, Henry Wise, Lexington, VA
Kimmie’s Comeback, Keith Dowd, Brooklyn, NY
Kingdom of Pan, Stan Kempton, New Orleans, LA
Leaving Kiev, Kathleen Hart, Bloomington, IN
Minister of Color, Karima Alavi, Abiquiu, NM
Mutiny on the Ark, Robert Hambling Davis, Newark, DE
Mrs. Noah, Victoria Hubbell, Columbia, MO

Nebraska Farm Girl, James F. Cobble, Jr.
Posthumus, Alice Early, Chilmark, MA
Resurrection Man, Elizabeth Stix, Berkeley, CA

Saturnalia, Cam Terwilliger, Brooklyn, NY
Sisters of Circumstance, Julie Weary, Vero Beach, FL
Song and Bone, Lucciana Costa, Nashville, NT
Sponges and Buckets, Christine Wade, Elka Park, NY
Sycamore Dawn, Linda Piazza, Bastrop, TX

The Butcher, Laura Young, Oak Park, IL
The Earth Wears Old, Miriam Weaver, Los Angeles, CA
The Endurance, Henry Wise, Lexington, VA

The Forgotten Story of the Ark, Victoria Hubbell, Columbia, MO
The Fracking, Jill Logan, Santa Cruz, CA
The Moonshiner’s Daughter, Jennifer Boddicker, Naples, FL
There’s Always a Price, Larry Specht, Washington, DC
Troubled Water, Kim Kronzer O’Brien, Austin, TX
Vincent’s Heart, M. Y. Lam, Brookline, MA
What Amelia Knows, Christine Marcotte, Dear River, MN
Wolf at the Door, Bonnie Kidd, Ocean Springs, MS

Other Finalists
A Grateful, Amused Mash, Robert S. Berger, Miami, FL
A Hum of Melody, Kathryn Brackett, Spartanburg, SC

Coffee and Copenhagen, Kaitlyn McQuin, New Orleans, LA
Esperanza, Lottie Bogan, Jackson, MS
Fields of Dreams: Symbols of Consciousness, M. D. Veritas, New Orleans, LA
Ghosts:Generosity of Allusions and Their Loss, Nancy Dafoe, Homer, NY
Hand-Me-Down, Julie Klein, Des Moines, IA
Miranda’s Coyote, Susan Cully, Albuquerque, NM
Morning Has Broken, Leslie Daniels, Thorold, Ontario, Canada
PC at the Cemetery, Mary E. Kuykendall, Ballston Lake, NY
, Meredith Cunningham, New Orleans, LA

Retrospective, Mark Havlik, Huntersville, NC
Southern Discomfort, John Warley, Beaufort, SC
Vows, Elaine Stevens, Biloxi, MS

We’re All “As Good as a Chorus,Nancy Dafoe, Homer, NY
A Commune, A Witness, A Wind God, Tania Pryputniewicz, Coronado, CA

Clear and Kind, Maria Motch, Cincinnati, OH
Daughter of a Chieftan, Lottie Bogan, Jackson, MS
Forty Years as the Mother of an Opioid Addicted Daughter, Rosemary Daniell, Savannah, GA
Gauntlets, Garry Wallace, Powell, WY
So Many Pigs, So Few Troughs, Garry Wallace, Powell, WY
Strokes of Enlightenment, Mary Rowen, Arlington, MA
The North Woods, Garry Wallace, Powell, WY
Writer’s Dilemma, Nancy Dafoe, Homer, NY

Other Finalists
At the Heart of it All, Vicki Siska, Fort Collins, CO
Before, Bam, After, and Beyond, Frank Light, Isaaquah, WA
Clio’s Daughter, Gwynn O’Garra, Sebastopal, CA
Consequences, Leslie Daniels, Thorold, Ontario, Canada
Crossing the Divide, Jack Stillwagon, Hamilton, NY
, Todd Copeland, Waco, TX
Everything We Bring, All We Leave Behind, Will Greenway, Ephrata, PA
Finding Faith, Finding Me, Janet Taylor-Perry, Ridgeland, MS
Notes From the Spectrum, T. S. Eleu, Chicago, IL
Chance Landry, Jocotenango, Sacatepequez Guatemala
The Singing River
, Benjamin Morris, New Orleans, LA
The Untold: 1984-1989
, Heather Harris,
This House No Longer Stands
, Jean Carr, Tucson, AZ
Ungulations, Amy Trussell, Santa Rosa, CA
Other Finalists
Addis Ababa, Brian Ward Zimmerman, Boone, NC
Berkeley Postcard, Tania Pryputniewicz, Coronado, CA
Conjury, Kelly Anderson, Marrero, LA

For My Father, James A. Wechsler, Holly Schwartztol, Cape Canaveral, FL
Hunch Over Notre Dame, Manfred Pollard, New Orleans, LA
Jazz: Blood Work, Judith White, Chevy Chase, MD

Lessons from Dead Things, Tala Joy Clower, Lombard, IL
Me Without You, Pat Gallant, New York, NY
Military Maneuvers, Late October, Rachel Ikins, Baldwinsville, NY
Mosses and Ivies, Diana Gordon, Leeds, MA
My Heart on a Thursday, Duane DeRaad, El Prado, NM
Night Watch
, Jean Carr, Tucson, AZ
Ossabaw, John Warley, Beaufort, SC

Palm Trees, Virginia Campbell, New Orleans, LA
Our Reasons, Kathryn Plyler, Simi Valley, CA
Rain Knowledge, David Watts, Mill Valley, CA
Road to Esmont, Judith White, Chevy Chase, MD
Special Codes, Holly Schwartztol, Cape Canaveral, FL
The Endurance, Henry Wise, Lexington, VA
The Olive Green Manor, Tina D. C. Hayes, Dixon, KY
The Stepfather Dance, Pat Gallant, New York, NY
The Wasp in April, Judith White, Chevy Chase, MD
Tremulant, Torie Amarie Dale, Taylors, SC
Wind Storm Chases Hikers, Rachel Ikins, Baldwinsville, NY
Junie Rabin,
Aids Rage, Pat Gallant, New York, NY
Birthdays, Holly Schwartztol, Cape Canaveral, FL
Dark Side of the Moon, Holly Schwartztol, Cape Canaveral, FL

Down Home,
Kelly Anderson, Marrero, LA
Holly Schwartztol, Cape Canaveral, FL

How Long is Never, Pat Gallant, New York, NY
Subway to Cezanne’s Rainbow
, Manfred Pollard, New Orleans, LA
The Monkey and The Light, Diana Gordon, Leeds, MA
The Rain I Used to Love, Pat Gallant, New York, NY
The Thing is Your Life, Rachel Ikins, Baldwinsville, NY
Through Seventy’s Eyes, Holly Schwartztol, Cape Canaveral, FL

What Woke Us, Rachel Ikins, Baldwinsville, NY
Where Am I, Duane DeRaad, El Prado, NM
Why We Can’t Be Friends, Carrie La Seur, Billings, MT

Other Finalists
An Account of Colonized Flesh, Megan Lunny, Doylestown, PA
Heads Or Tails, Poem Schway, San Jose, CA
Mundele, Juliet Myriam Bel, New Orleans, LA
Real Estate, Mary Murphy, New Orleans, LA
Rest Stop, Bailey Bujnosek, Mountain Center, CA
Sundays, Finn Yekple, New Orleans, LA
The Fall, Jules Worden, New Orleans, LA
The Mindless Diary of Edmund Roy, Delany Burk, Atascadero, CA
The Street Lamp, Jillian Chatelain,
Twelve in the Morning, An Lin Hunt-Babcock, Idyllwild, CA
With Hindsight in Mind, Nichole Cloke, New Orleans, LA
You So-and-So, Katherine Edwards, New Orleans, LA
Car Camping, Ryan French, Idyllwild, CA
Down the Road, Gloria Jordan, New Orleans, LA
Ernest and I, Pia Mulleady, New Orleans, LA
Hands, Kaila Robertson, New Orleans, LA
Jawe, Cheon Lee, Idyllwild, CA
Of the Same Laugh, Deja Robinson, New Orleans, LA
Let the Good Times, Sidne K. Gard, New Orleans, LA
Man Lives in House Made of People, Bella Kochalk, Idyllwild, CA
Scotty’s Castle; The Johnsons, Lillian Tookey, Idyllwild, CA
Ponchatoula Strawberries, Louise Olivier, New Orleans, LA
Redset, Kalista Puhnaty, Idyllwild, CA
The Seed, Maggie Malone, New Orleans, LA