The Pirate’s Alley Faulkner Society is pleased to announce the winners, runners-up, and other finalists in its 2018 competition. The primary guideline given to both preliminary and final round judges is: “Publishable with professional editing.” The difference between semi-finalists, finalists, and the short lists is the amount of professional editing which would be required for publication.

For Novel, entries totaled 438, of which nine were selected for the short list, 83 as finalists, and 158 as semi-finalists, with 188 rejected as not ready to place in the competition. The entries came from 41 states, including 48 entries from Louisiana writers, and 13 foreign countries.

Short List
Confessions of a Waiter
Hitchhiking in the Graveyard
I Used to Think It Was a Cave
Remembrance of Blue Roses
Sugar Blues
Suppose I say Hummingbird
The Devil in Dunwoody
The Museum of an Extinct Race
Other Finalists
, Lin Enger, Moorhead, MN

Academy of Reality, Steve Putnam, Southwick, MA
Acts of Forgiveness, Peter Scanlon, Hingham, MA
After Uyuni, Joshua Edelstein, Scottsdale, AZ

A Good Family, Teddy Jones, Friona, TX
A House on the Spit, Frances Burke, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

A Runaway in Algiers, Yusuf DeLorenzo, West Palm Beach, FL
A Short Way to Go Before Disappearing, Anne Compton Lambeth,
New Orleans, LA
Ash Tuesday, Ariadne Blayde, New Orleans, LA

Baby Grand, Bob Bachner, New York, NY
Blow the Damned, Daniel Joey Oakley, New Orleans, LA
Blue Songs, Christopher Love, Tuscaloosa, AL
Come Again No More, David Wesley Williams, Cordova, TN
Cora’s Kitchen, Kimberly Garrett Brown, Tampa, FL
Darkest Light, David Theis, Houston, TX
Darlings of Paradise, Eileen Cronin, Sherman Oaks, CA
Destiny, Mahmoud Saeed, Chicago, IL
Dixie, Bruce Alford, Hammond, LA

Educating Sadie, Alayne Smith, Lawrenceville, GA
Exodia, Dan Turtel, New York, NY
First Year, Andy Furillo, Davis, CA
For the Love of Sugar, Bernard Smith, Mandeville, LA
Four Degrees, Julie Carrick Dalton, Winchester, MA
Gardenia Duty, Kathleen Varn, Charleston, SC

Holding Cassandra, Susie Slosberg, Bronxville, NY
Hopewell, David Voda, Palm Springs, CA
Immortals, Henry Wise, Lexington, VA
Imperfect Burials, Thomas Melcher, Phylo, CA
In Other Kinds of Weather, Melanie Pappadis Faranello, West Hartford, CT
Island in the Sky, Dana Kroos, Houston, TX
Island of Sand, Tim Foley, Sacramento, CA
Jerico’s Dane Imperial Protocal, James Howard, Joppa, MD
Jesse’s Shrine, Mike Tuhoy, Jefferson, GA
Julian & Gariella, Rita Welty Bourke, Nashville, TN
Killing Engine 509, Raymond J Addobati, Placerville, CA

Little Tea, Claire Fullerton, Malibu, CA
Magdalena, Candi Sary, Newport Beach, CA
Magnetism, Gay Walley, New York, NY
Martha Unraveled, Peggy O’Neal Peden, Nashville, TN
Mobile Was A Catholic Town, Bruce Colbert, Daphne, AL
Monkey and Moose & The Pirates of Pine Point, Jason Otis, New Orleans, LA
My Passion, My Becoming, Andrew Milward, Auburn, AL
Newfound Valley, Ann Howell, Ashville, NC
Nobody’s Pilgrims, Sergio Troncoso, New York, NY
No Returns, Monty Joynes, Boone, NC
No Slave to Reason, John Everett, Phoenix, MD
Odd Fellows Rest, Clayton E. Spriggs, Covington, LA
Of Lessons Lost, Fred Snyder, University Park, FL
Off the Mainland, Aaron Rabinowitz, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Orient Beach, Bill Woods, Columbia, TN
Parting, Ward Brian Zimmerman, Boone, NC

Potomac Fever, Barnes Carr, Houston, TX
Reconstruction of the Fables, James McCallister, Columbia, SC
Relative Truths, Tena Russ, Lake Forest, IL
Returns, Chad Frizzell, Kirkwood, MO
Route 2, Phillip Korth, Phoenix, AZ
Saving Alice, Jack Tittle, Metairie, LA
See No Evil, Leslie Daniels, Thorold, Ontario, Canada
Silas, Stan Kempton, New Orleans, LA
Solo Tramp, Eleanor Binnings, Denver, CO
State v. Claus, Jo Anne Burgh, Glastonbury, CT
Stealing Home, Jay Jarrell, Tampa, FL
Sun City, Matthew Minson, Spring, TX
The Adulterers’ Club, Laura Brodie, Lexington, VA
The Crooked Truth, Kristine F. Anderson, Smyrna, GA
The Good Southern Widow, Kathleen McGuire, Tybee Island, GA
The House, Ray Filasky, Mechanicsville, VA
The Irish In Me, Lawrence Wells, Oxford, MS
The Least Worst Choice, Sally Connolly, Scarborough, ME
The Lonely Affair, Robert Raymer, Sarawak, Malaysia
The Pines, Matt Galletta, Delmar, NY
The Rider of the Cross, Ed Southern, Winston-Salem, NC
The Rules of Love and Law, Jeffrey Russell, Baltimore, MD
The Superhero Experiments, Rachel Leidenfrost, Buffalo, NY
The Thin Edge of the Wedge, Lisa Nash Taylor, Keswick, VA
The Unremarkable Lives of Adults, Sean Hooks, Los Angeles, CA
The View from “The Cairo,” Nancy L. Ruth, San Diego, CA
The Watanabe Name, William Lee Brown, Oazanagakura, Nagano, Japan
The West House, Erik Dussere, Takoma Park, MD
There Comes a Reckoning, Adam Sydney, Pahoa, HI
This Disputable Truth, Sid Johnson, Honolulu, HI
To Be Enlightened, Alan Steinberg, Los Angeles, CA
Too Pretty for a Hit Man, Lou Dischler, Spartanburg, SC
Troubled Path, Robert Forbes, Scottsdale, AZ
Two Seasons, Paul Burgoyne, Clearwater, FL
Unmixed, Dedra Johnson, New Orleans, LA
Unraveled, Christopher Lindsay, New Orleans, LA
Walk in the Light, Susan Paisley, Cedar Hill, TN

Worlds, John Kearns, New York, NY
Zeal, Linus Recht, Glencoe, IL


Accidentals, Susan M. Gaines, Bremen, Germany
Air Between Our Tubs, Justin Swingle, West Hollywood, CA
A Last Affair, Sara Alexander, Crownsville, MD

All Gone, Dara Moskowitz Grumdahl, Minneapolis, MN
Altered Children, David Tonkin, Port Townsend, WA
A Nest Disturbed, Norman Draper, Bloomington, MN
An Isle in the Sky, Victor Bondar, Memphis, TN
A Million Miles From Yesterday, Maureen Connolly, Oak Park, IL
A Miracle Gro of the Mind, Carol LaHines, New York, NY
AThread So Fine, Susan Welch, Seattle, WA
An Unexpected Gift, Robert Raymer, Sarawak, Malaysia
Appledore, Holly Robinson, Rowley, MA
Argentine, Jessie Newton Huls, Chicago, IL
As They know It, James McNulty, Austin, TX
Austin Wyrd, Steven W. Curry, Lubbock, TX
Avelais, Victor Romero, Kew Gardens Hills, NY
A Winter Shadow Fading, Michael Kennicutt, Raytown, MO
Becoming Chicana, Tisha Marie Reichle, Los Angeles, CA
Behind Me Lies the Desert, Kevin Gerard Neill, Phoenix, AZ
Belle Isle, Edward V. Ottaway, Cedarville, MI
Best Man, Chris Delyani, Oakland, CA
Between God and A Hard Place, Tasia D. Jackson, Hillside, IL
Between Dreams, Alex Myers, Exeter, NH
Birth of the Curse, Kevin King, Brentwood, NH
Black Oedipus, Rick Blackwood, East Lansing, MI
Blue Moon, James A. Riley, Pikeville, Kay
Bungling the Children, Joshua Marcus, Sea Cliff, NY
Calvin’s Ghosts, Peter Hammond Schwartz, Seattle, WA
Chobe, Joseph Stull, Bridgewater, MA

Clay, Frank Meola, Brooklyn, NY
Continental Divide, Alex Myers, Exeter, NH
Cool Nation, Paul Dorrell, Kansas City, MO
Cottonwood, Jenifer Adams-Mitchell, Frankford, DE
Crosses of the Poor, Susan Hunter, Lake Luzerne, NY
Daisy Doyle, Madonna Ball, Omaha, NE
Darkest Light, David Theis, Houston, TX
Dark Roux, Toby LeBlanc, Austin, TX
Deadfish Wind, Cooper Leavy-Baker, Sarasota, FL
Dolores Couvillon, Sharon LaCour, Amery, WI
Edge of Redfish Lake, Conrad Jungmann, Lynwood, WA
Foul Weather Parade, John Harty, Cypress, TX
Givers and Takers, Bruce Berjian, Stuart, FL

Deadliner, Norman Draper, Bloomington, MN
Deep Fried, Mark Doyon, Winchester, VA
Detroit Heroic, Olaf Kroneman, Birmingham, MI
Down from Jerusalem: The Breaking of the World, Mollie Crisp-Ruglia,
California, MD
Forgive Us Our Debt$, Terry M. Crosby, Washington, DC
Girl Farm, Angel Sands Gunn, Charlottesville, VA
Girl in the Moon, Juan Chen-Henderson, Lubbock, TX
He and She, Alexander Joseph, Boulder, CO
Heat of Paris, Max Boyer, Somerset, NJ
Hezada, I Miss You, Erin Pringle
Homecoming, William Hawkins, Los Angeles, CA

Honeysuckles by the Sea, Edward T. Howell, Inman, SC
Hurricane Summer, Maureen Hall, West Tisbury, MA
If the Moon Had Willow Trees, Kathleen Hall, Austin, TX
I’m Not Going to Heaven, Dean Robertson, Norfolk, VA
Interruption, Jennifer Solheim, Oak Park, IL
In The Light of the Sun, Angela M. Shupe, Milford, MI
In the Mind’s Eye, William Becker, St. Louis, MO
In The Valley, Jenell Abram, Lancaster, PA

In the Valley of the Shadows, Peggy Powell, Morgan Hill, CA
Islomanes of Cumberland Island, Rita Welty Bourke, Nashville, TN
Joseph in Jerusalem, Joseph Lewis Heil, Muskego, WI
Kal Ganis of Kavala, Bruce J. Berger, Silver Spring, MD
Kingdom of Apathy, Pasquale A. Neri, Las Vegas, NV
Land of Mystical Scents, Mark Mitchell, Greenville, SC
Liberator Legacy, Dominick Venezia, Shoreline, WA
Lilith and Eve, Courtney Allocca, Ellensburg, WA
Mariane’s War, Douglas D. Hall, Rockport, MA
Minidoka Legacy, Dominick Venezia, Shoreline, WA
Mirror of My Love, Randy Conner, Chicago, IL
Missed Memories, Afan Bapacker, Dearborn, MI
Miss Fortune’s Metamorphosis, Reina-Shay Broussard, Montgomery, TX
Mr. Galaxy’s Unfinished Dream, Ramon Garcia Vazquez, Tom’s River, NJ
Mystery of the Last Chief, Michael Jimerson, Henderson, TX
New Moon Rising, Patricia Averbach, Shaker Heights, OH
Nettie’s Books, Vivian Lawry, Richmond, VA
No City, MI, Dustin M. Hoffman, York, SC
On a Close Reach, David McCullough, Escondido, CA
Operation Delilah, Raymond Knowles, New York, NY
Orion’s Belt, Aaron Paul Riley, Fayetteville, AR
Padington Green, 1940, John O’Shea, Oakland, CA
Pearl Passing, Dalfina Dailey, Alameda, CA
Peter Pain, David Graham, Minden, NE

Piera’s Pilgrimage, Lisa Stamidis,
Poppy in the Weeds, Lourdes Thuesen, Lucerne, CA
Poverty With A View
, Tracey Lange, Bend, OR

Queen of the Pine Curtain, Barb Fowler Robertson, Diboll, TX
Reunited, Connie Harris, Henderson, NV
Reversible, Sophie Lin, Charlottesville, VA
Right Back Where We Started From, Joy Lanzendorfer, Petaluma, CA
Robert and Tess, Jeffrey Russell, Baltimore, MD
Rocky Mountain Noir, Peter Learn, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Round Coffin, Joseph Seechack, Midlothian, VA
Ryland’s Bride, Erica Obey, New York, NY
Sally, Jerri Schlenker, Olive Hill, Ky

Saloon, Hayden Muhs, Newcastle, WA
Same Holy Violence, Robert Van Wagoner, Concrete, WA
San Francisco Savages, Tobias Griffin, Larkspur, CA
Self-Portrait as Threat, Kristin Sanders, San Diego, CA
September Fourteenth, Carol Owens Campbell, Naples, FL
Ship of Lost Children, S. J. MacLean, Danville, CA
Sidetracked, Jay Jarrell, Tampa, FL
Song of the Lost and Found, Ashlee Cowles, Traverse City, MI
Stillwater, Victoria Rohner, Oak Park, IL
Storyteller, Frank S. Johnson, Greenfield, MO
Suriname Legacy, Dominick Venezia, Shoreline, WA
The Benzene Carnival, Lou Dischler, Spartanburg, SC
The Bottom of August Lake, Chris Kassel, Bloomfield, MI
The Builder of Mountains, Barry Silverstein, Lake Biltmore, NC
The Gift, Sue Hruby, West Tisbury, MA
The Farewell Tour, Karen Bennett, Dundalk, MD
The Fortunate, Sonja N. Haywood, San Antonio, TX
The French House, Courtney Lochner, Oak Park, IL
The Gathering, Beth Burgmeyer, Norwalk, IA
The Girl in the Bathtub, Robert Raymer, Sarawak, Malaysia
The Grandfather Tree, Margaret Castillo, Rodenberg, Reston, VA

The Holy Ghost Sisters, Andrea Malamut, Cherry Hill, NJ
The Lightning Wolves, Richard Lawhon, Crawfordvile, FL
The Lives of Diamond Bessie, Jody Hadlock, Colleyville, TX
The Lupin Gene, Matthew Minson, Spring, TX
The Knife Edge Path, Patrick T. Leahy, Bend, OR
The Long Walk Home, David Lewis, North Hollywood, CA
The Many Misfortunes of Renate O’Malley, Caroline Shepard, Brooklyn, NY
The Other Shoulder, Benjamin Seeley, New Smyrna Beach, FL
The Pickard County Atlas, Christina Harding Thornton, Wahoo, NE
The Plow in the Tree, Marriah Nissen, Tucson, AZ
The Poison in the Pill, Vishwas R. Gaitonde, San Diego, CA
The Portal House, Kelsey Rund, Spokane Valley, WA
The Portugese Gambit, Paul Rands, Wilsonville, OR
The Q’Arshi Scholar, Sharon Quiroz, Ann Arbor, MD
The Rider of the Cross, Ed Southern, Winston-Salem, NC
The Ringer, Thorne Clark, Brooklyn, NY
The Solitude of Bears, Kenneth J. Mitchell, Warwick, NY
The Stone Angel, Mason Radkoff, Pittsburg, PA
The Thread, Thomas Greer, Bloomsberg, IN
These Are Not A Man’s Dreams, Dennis Must, Salem, MA
The White Boy Spoke Greek, Michael Aloysius O’Reilly, Chapel, NC
The Woman on the Ferry, Robert Raymer, Sarawak, Malaysia

Tiny Town, Claudia Hoffman, Madison Heights, MI
The Under, Elizabeth Cohen, Plattsburgh, NY
The Young Entrepreneurs Club, Matthew Minson, Spring, TX
Three King Mackerel and A Mahi Mahi, Caroline Clemens, Cumming, GA
Three Ravens, Johanna, DeBiase, Taos, NM
Tree With Names, Beth Uznis Johnson, Canton, MI
Throwaway Daughter, Lauren Harper Barrow, Parker, CO

To Be Enlightened, Alan Steinberg, Los Angeles, CA
Tripp, Ann Trooper, Turnbridge, VT
Two Roads Diverged, Kim Catanzarite, Medford Lakes, NJ
Visit of the Gods, Ellen Breck Coggeshall, Barnstable, MA
Walk Through, Evelyn Somers, Boonville, MO
Wakedale, Richard Jespers, Lubbock, TX
What Belongs Together, Emily Gambone, Georgetown, TX
What Men Do, Virginia Ewing Hudson, Raleigh, NC
Wounded Sparrows, Kathryn A. Brackett, Spartanburg, SC
Write, She Said, Gay Walley, New York, NY
Wrong Turn, Caroline Wrenn Cleveland, Charleston, SC
Yesteryear, Stephen Eoannou, Buffalo, NY

Narrative Non-Fiction Book

Short List
Approved for Adventure
Farm Girl
Slivers from a Broken World

The Gilded Cage
Twenty-Six Point Freaking Two
Waiting or the Rain

Other Finalists


Short List
Other Finalists


Short Story
The Faulkner Society received a total of 147 short story entries of which 16 were selected for
the Short List. There were 40 finalists and 22 semi-finalists selected. The remainder were judged
not ready to place in the competition. 31 entries were received from Louisiana writers with other
entries from 17 states and five foreign countries.

Short List
All the Missed Cues and Beautiful Boys
Amorphous Man
A Shambles
Big Tom
Car Trouble

How Car Dealers Get Rid of Unsold Inventory
Recommended Viewing
Riders and Butchers of the Apocalypse: An Account in Three Parts,
The Fastest Way You Can
The Myth About Mermaids
Uncle Robert
When a Cartoon Hero Smiles
Yellow Flowers

Other Finalists
A Good Catch, Lesley Hardy, Oxford, OH
A Good Place to Die,
Jean K. Dowdy, St. Augustine, FL

Atlanta Evening, Trisha Warren, Atlanta, GA
An Insidious Heritage, Michael Jimerson, Henderson, TX
Captain Death, Susan Lowell, Tucson, AZ
Cuz’s Last Stand, Tim Rice, Covington, LA
Deer Creek, Dr. Jeffey Goelz, Pineville, LA
Djinn, Dan Turtel, New York, NY
Five Pesos, James L. Hall, Wimette, IL
Forever and Ever, Kimberly Parish Davis, Madisonville, TX
Foul, Charles Holdefer, Brussels, Belgium
Hawk, Kim Bradley, St. Augustine, FL
Holy Scriptures, Nancy Brock, Columbia, SC
House of Termites, Regina La Barre, New York, NY
How I Saved the Last Frontier, Camilla Cusumano, San Francisco, CA
Investigation, Michael Stein, Chestnut Hill, MA
Invisible Men Make Bad Company, Chelsey Grasso, Brighton, MA
Jake the Snake and the Great Python Hunt, Ward Brian Zimmerman, Ph.D.,
Boone, NC
Jay, Sally Ventura, Olean, NY
Lamentations, Nancy Antle, New Haven, CT
Land of Origin, Timothy Tau, Los Angeles, CA
Landsfall, Mark Havlik, Huntersville, NC
Mrs. Cunningham, Leslie Daniels, Thorold, Ontario, Canada
Nature Undisturbed Provides, Murdic Jones, Monks Corner, SC
One Traveler, Timothy Tau, Los Angeles, CA
Person of No Rank, Camille Cusumano, San Francisco, CA
Revolt of the Crash Test Dummies, Robert Hambling Davis, Newark, DE
Road Trip, Marion Barnwell, Jackson, MS
Rooked, Lottie Boggan, Jackson, MS
Second Chance, Jay Jarrell, Tampa, FL
Spitfire, Mary Kuykendall, Ballston Lake, NY
Spur up Your Pegasus, David Kennedy, Bronx, NY
Standing on the Porch without Your Pants, Nancy A Dafoe, Homer, NY
Talking to My Best Friend, Charles Anthony, III, Gretna, LA
The Hollowed King, Stuart Rose, Missoula, MT
The Imperfect Omelette, Jack Stillwaggon, Hamilton, NY
The Interview, Maureen M. Welch, St. Augustine, FL
Transmigration Gone Wrong, Jean K. Dowdy, St. Augustine, FL
Walk Into the Splintered Sunlight, Bruce Wexler,Elmhurst, IL
Where Upon the World Rears Its Ugly Head, Katherine Whitehead,
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
White Sandy Beaches, John François, Lafayette, LA
Aragon, S. M. Caruthers, Auburn, CA
Baby Dolls, Lottie Boggan, Jackson, MS

Better Far Than You Are: An Heroic Tale, Richard Jespers, Lubbock, TX
Darkness Awaits, Charles Fleishchman, Winnebago, WI
Deer Tracking, Robert Hambling Davis, Newark, DE
Heaven, Hell and Holyoke—A Family Apostasy, Carolann Malley, Granby, MA
Hello in There, Hello, Jean K. Dowdy, St. Augustine, FL
Legend, Mark Havlik, Huntersville, NC
Life Like a Fair, Sandra J. Cropsey, Griffin, GA

Losing My Religion, War Brian Zimmerman, Ph.D., Boone, NC
Mysterious Creatures, Chene Lawson, Los Angeles, CA
Precious Flock, Joyce Davis, Northbrook, IL
Puritan glory, Cynthia Morrison, Palm Beach, FL
Saved Seed, Jean K. Dowdy, St. Augustine, FL
Snipe Hunt, James L. Hall, Wilmette, IL
The 96-Hour Shift, James Sisk, Traverse City, MI
The Gardner, Dakota Canon, San Francisco, CA
The Mystery of My Grandmother, Catori, S. M. Caruthers, Auburn, CA
The Shape of Forever, Jean K. Dowdy, St. Augustine, FL
Unforgiveable, Nancy Avery Dafoe, Homer, NY

Welcome to Hornet County, Kim Bradley, St. Augustine, FL
What He Carried, Jen Marie Wiggins, Savannah,

For the Novel-in-Progress category, the Society received a total of 198 entries with 15 selected for the short list, 51 as finalists, 64 as semi-finalists, and with 68 rejected as not ready to place in the competition. Of the 198 entries, 49 were from Louisiana writers.

Short List
Alice’s Long Game
Chasing Martin
Dakota Journal
Forgive Us Our Debt$
Greetings from Asbury Park
Love and Other Losses
Second Chance
Sisters of the Undertow
Skylakes Fall
The Creole Girl’s Violin
The Man From Pravda
The Unfinished Spy

Whistle and I’ll Find You
Other Finalists
414 7th Street, Hal Ackerman, Brooklyn, NY
All The Things You Are, Geoff Schutt, Salem, MA
A Ladder in the Dark, Greg Jones, Orinda, CA
A Most Honorable Sin, Alexander Joseph, Boulder, CO
A Ripple of Hope, Sabine Chavez-Allcorta, Villiers St. Denis, France
Arroyo Circle, JoeAnn Hart, Gloucester, MA
Bitter Magic, Nancy Kilgore, Burlington, VT
Boiltown, Eric Layer, New Orleans, LA
Call It Love, Amaya Rivera, New York, NY
Castaway in Kingdom Com, Robert Hambling Davis, Newark, DE
Come Again No More, David Williams, Cordova, TN
Crashing Through the Noise, Elizabeth Esse Kahrs, Scituate, MA
Downfall of Paris, Joe Dwyer, Sacramento, CA
Glue Horse Heaven, Steve Putnam, Southwick, MA
God’s Studmuffin, Frank Sargeant, Union Grove, AL
Erato, Kristin Sanders, San Diego, CA
Four Degrees, Julie Carrick Dalton, Winchester, MA
Gone Under, Rob Black, Charleston, SC
Hoodlum Prodigy, Bonnie K. Kidd, Ocean Springs, MS
Humbled, Martha Burns, La Luz, New Mexico
Impounded, Nancy Grudens-Schuck, Ames, IA
Katabasis, Tom Hill, New Orleans, LA
Jazzy and the Pirates, Ellen Morris Prewitt, New Orleans, LA
Kathryn Didn’t Commit Suicide, George Wall, Tigard, OR
Keeper of the Fire, James L. Hall, Wilmette, IL
Last of an Exceptional Breed, Janet Taylor-Perry, Ridgeland, MS
La vie et la mort de Pierre Doucet, Perry Glasser, Haverhill, MA
Like Water, Peter McDougal, Atlanta, GA
Mind Shadows, Cheryl Schleuss, Wilmington, NC
Miss Fortune’s Metamorphosis, Reina-Shay Broussard, Montgomery, TX
Miss Sadie, Yoruba B. Coleman, New Orleans, LA
My Favorite Color is Yellow Ochre, J. Orfey Reeves, London, England, UK
Nowhere To Go But Everywhere, Kim Kronzer O’Brien, Austin, TX
Perspectives, Matt Minson, Tomball, TX
Reality Unleashed, Rachel Leidenfrost, Buffalo, NY
Resonance, Laine Cunningham, Hillsborough, NC
Rivers Bend, Lance Dyzak, Knoxville, TN
Small-Town Terrestrials, Aaron Rabinowitz, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Somebody Home, Kailyn McCord, New Orleans, LA
Some Bright Morning, Anya Groner, New Orleans, LA
The Best Offense, Julie Ann Candoli, Austin, TX
The Brickmaker’s Son, Victoria Ryan, New Orleans, LA
The Lives of Diamond Bessie, Jody Hadlock, Colleyville, TX
The Pimento Cheese Incident, Chris Jenkins, Evergreen, CO
The Real Paul Mäkinen?, David Yale, Bayside, NY
The Simurgh, Mohammad Hakima, New York, NY
The Sunday Painter, Antonia Angress, New Orleans, LA
The Woman in Room Nine, Jill Bitner, Fort Worth, TX
Too Many Stones, Rodney Nelsestuen, Woodbury, MN
Witch, Lynn Ditchfield, Edgartown, MA
With Love, or Season, Daniel Turtel, New York, NY

A Light in Provence, Anne Justice, Queen Creek, AZ
Arm in Arms, Andrea Avery, Phoenix, AZ
A Slow Dance With Jesus, Carol Reichert, West Newton, MA
Blackberries, Tammy Metras, Bradenton, FL
Blood Broke, Branden Boyer-White, Long Beach, CA
Blood on a Blue Moon, Jessica H. Stone, Blaine, WA
Blood We Did Not Spill, Misha Rai, San Diego, CA
Body Art Prison
, Robert Hambling Davis, Newark, DE

Boom, Pamela Ferdinand, Evanston, IL
Catching Olive, Hope Lugo, Oviedo, FL
Command, Torie Amarie Dale, Taylors, SC
Cottonwood Seeds, Giles Lambertson, Uvalde, TX
Ear to the Cry, Michel Stone, Spartanburg, SC
Eddie’s Boy, Robert Schwab, Dallas, TX
Fairest, Elizabeth Feeney, Philadelphia, PA
False Parting, Paul J. Rands, Wilsonville, OR
Haute Desert, Cori Clark Nelson, San Francisco, CA
If I Die, William Lee Brown, Nagano, Japan
Ithaka, Joe Dwyer, Sacramento, CA
Jails, Institutions and Death My Fall to Grace, Laurie Jameson, Norco, CA
Kinfolk, Schuyler Dickson, Canton, MS
Lee and Jack Confidential, Mary Rowen, Arlington, MA
Letters from Sardis, John R. Cox, Jr., Millersville, MD
Livonia, Kathleen Hall, Austin, TX
Lone Girl & the Coffee Boys, Abigail Raeke, Portland, OR
Lord of Delusion, G. Craig Powell, Fontão, Portugal
Memories Lounge, Ujjvala Bagal Rahn, Savannah, GA
Mina Shadows, Schleuss, Wilmington, NC
Negs, Milissa Manente, Eufaula, AL
No. 7 Bus, Mary J. Nestor, Savannah, GA
Northwoodsmen, Laura Cherry, New Orleans, LA
Of Noble Blood, Debra Borchert, Bellevue, WA
Peace Country, Sarah Beck, Fargo, ND
Return to Redemption Ridge, Lottie Bogan, Jackson, MS
Reunited, Connie Harris, Henderson, NY
Ripon House, Linda Bennett Pennell, Spring, TX
Secrets at Dillehay Crossing, Sara Etgen-Baker, Anna, TX
Serenade, Nishith Singh, Nevato, CA
The Arch, John Malone, Duson, LA
The Awakening of Neena Rathod, Anoop, Pleasanton, CA
The Berenstein Effect, Hannah Jones, Kingston, WA
The Bernice File, Phil Ribera, Castro Valley,C
The California Tales, Taylor A. Lucio, Northglenn, CO
The City Mother, Maya Sinha, Davis, CA
The Companion, Kim Taylor Blakemore, Portland, OR
The Frozen Gown, June English, Baton Rouge, LA
The Infidel Sister, Cecile Corona, Jamaica Plains, MA
The Lost Oratorio of Osbert Parsley, Evelyn Somers, Boonville, MD
The Poison in the Pill, Vishwas R. Gaitonde, San Diego, CA
The Posthumous Memoirs of Imam John Brown, Riz Hassan, Kensington, MD
The Rose in the Stone, Robin G. Roberts, Berlin, CT
The Sisters Chanel, Judithe Little, Houston, TX
The Stoli File, Phil Ribera, Castro Valley, CA
The Truth of Who You Are, Sheila Myers, Skaneateles, NY
The Valley of Sage and Juniper, Nelle Galloway, Chicago, IL
The Unmaking of Eden, Dakota Canon, San Francisco, CA
The Wound and the Bow, Charles M. Boyer, Wellesley, MA
Third Year, Sephanie Benjamin, Fresno, CA
Three and One, Mary Andersen, San Francisco, CA
Under the Rainbow Sheen, Daniel Joey Oakley, New Orleans, LA
Unraveling Penelope, Isabella Seraphim, Fort Lauderdale, FL
Victoriously Becoming, Nicole Baxter, Queen Creek, AZ
Yet Wilderness Grew in My Heart, Cam Terwilliger, Brooklyn, NY

The Faulkner Society received a total of 110 essays, including 40 from Louisiana writers and 60 from 20 other states and five foreign countries. The preliminary rounds judges selected ten manuscripts for the Short List, 21 finalists, and 19 semi-finalists. The remainder were judged not ready to place in the competition.
Short List

At the Feet of Sleeping Giants
Cannot Be Seen, Nor Even Touched

Mourning Tryptic
On Being Stripped
A Survival Badge: A Girl Scout’s Field Guide to Chernoby
The Blackish Syndrome

The Mystical Artist
The People Sat Down to Eat and Drink and Stood Up to Pray
What I Want Most
Zen and the Art of Dementia
Other Finalists
A Good Catch, Leslie Hardy, Oxford, OH
A White Mother Looks at the NYPD Through the Eyes of Her Black Godson,
Pat Gallant, New York, NY

Beauty for Ashes, Rashwanda Dunbar, Shreveport, LA
Bring Me the Death Mask of Pancho Villa, Joe Dwyer, Sacramento, CA
Clamming, Christine Miller, New Orleans, La
#HerToo, Tena Russ, Lake Forest, IL
I Hate Pink, Marilynn B. Pyatigorets, Minneapolis, MN
Landing in Cuba, Anne Woods, Tiburon, CA
Legacy, Maureen D. Hall, West Tisbury, MA
Little Boy Blue Makes It Through, Andrew Gregory Krzak, Chicago, IL
Mr. John, Wise Elder, Garry Wallace, Powell, WY
Nietzche on Montaigne & Shakespeare, Grayson Russell, Sonora, CA
Oral Office, Margaret Donovan Bauer, Greenville, NC
Raison d’Etre, Nancy Dafoe, Homer, NY
Shakespeare’s Operatic Sonnets, M. D. Veritas, New Orleans, LA
SOS: Shooters on Steroids, Gary Wallace, Powell, WY
The Fairy Tale of Caddy Compson, Grayson Russell, Sonora, CA
The Hole, Pat Gallant, New York, NY
The Lord’s Road Trip, Katie Burke, San Francisco, CA
Thirty is the New Fortyfication, Daniel Joey Oakley, New Orleans, LA
What We Need Are More Heroes, Leslie Daniels, Thorold, Ontario, Canada

A Heavenly Path, Lisa Kalajan, Arroyo Grande, CA
Charlotte’s Web, Grayson Russell, Sonora, CA
Eclectic Reflections on American Romanticism, Stephanie Zwang, Irvine, CA
Finding Mother, Holly W. Schwartztol, The Villages, FL
Jest Hep Me, Lottie Brent Boggan, Jackson, MS
I’m Glad You’ve Been My Brother, Garry Wallace, Powell, WY
Immigrant’s Fare, Frank S. Johnson, Greenfield, MO
Larry, Pat Gallant, New York, NY
Lotus Flowers, Karen M.Hempson, Skaneateles, NY
Me Without You, Pat Gallant, New York, NY
Neal, Duane DeRaad, El Prado, NM
PC At the Cemetery, Mary Kuykendall, Ballston Lake, NY
Plantation, Convent, Masoleum: A Spatial and Interior Analysis, Matilda Sullivan,
Lynchburg, VA
Prayerful Hands, Lottie Brent Boggan, Jackson, MS
The Bells of Amsterdam, Grayson Russell, Sonora, CA
The Carol of the Troll in Prose, Kevin P. Gilheany, New Orleans, LA
The Porter, Pat Gallant, New York, NY
The Wasps of February, Grayson Russell, Sonora, CA
Thoughts on Being Diagnosed With Breast Cancer, Linda Behrend, Knoxville, TN

When Breast Cancer Claimed, Dr. Lynn Veach Sadler, Burlington, NC




Short List
Other Finalists


Short Short Story by a High School Student
The Faulkner Society received 78 entries in the category, with eight manuscripts selected for the short list, six as other finalists, and seven as semi-finalists. The remainder were deemed not ready to place in the competition.  The entries came from 16 states, including 33 from Louisiana students.

Short List
Bletchley Nights
Drowning Parched
Cutler’s Pier Drowning Festival
Solidarity in Exhaustion
Other Finalists
Cold Fish, Serena Woosley, Fountainville, PA
Filial Piety, Aimee Oh, Allendale, NJ
Mrs. Townsend, Grace Tran, Portland, OR
Talent, Franchesca Castillo, Thornton, CO
The Conquest and Razing of Love, Cheon Allen Lee, Idyllwild, CA
Underneath the Deck, Emily Clarke, Idyllwild, CA
Derrick Torres, Ryan French, Idyllwild, CA
Emails to Those it Concerns, Delany Burk, Idyllwild, CA
Film Reel, Alex Bishop, Los Angeles, CA
How to Crush a Ladybug, Tejiri Sebeni, Idyllwild, CA
Jump, Nikolai Smith, Idyllwild, CA
Soul Sisters, Bailey Bujnosek, Idyllwild, CA
Who?, Gabriella Wackford, Idyllwild, CA


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