Chris Parris-Lamb


Chris Parris-LambChris Parris-Lamb is an agent at The Gernert Company, a boutique literary agency in Midtown Manhattan that represents bestselling and award-winning authors ranging from John Grisham to Tea Obreht. Chris started his career eight years ago as an assistant at Burnes & Clegg, and since then has shepherded to publication such bestselling and critically acclaimed novels as Hillary Jordan’s Mudbound, as well as authoritative nonfiction like Jane McGonigal’s Reality is Broken. Since Forbes Magazine called him a “rising star” in 2010, Chris has been profiled – most notably in Vanity Fair – for his work turning Chad Harbach’s debut The Art of Fielding into the international bestseller it became. Chris’s list today is split between top-notch literary fiction with a strong, original, sophisticated narrative voice, and smart, quality nonfiction across a range of genres and subjects.


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