Christine Pride joined Simon and Schuster as a Senior Editor in 2016.  Prior to that, she spent more than a decade as an editor at various corporate imprints including Doubleday, Broadway, Crown, and Hyperion, and then, most recently, struck out on her own for a wonderful three-year stint as a freelance editor and ghostwriter.  Both in house and as a freelancer she’s worked with a variety of established and debut writers and has published many New York Times bestsellers and critically acclaimed books including, Tell Me Where It Hurts, Heaven is Here, and A Reason to Believe. She is especially drawn to voice-driven novels, high concept premises and books that explore the terrain of family, relationships, friendship, coming of age, and race/culture.  She also acquires literary and commercial memoirs—inspirational stories are a special passion– as well as select narrative non-fiction that explores race, pop culture, women’s issues.  Overall she’s a sucker for any book that offers a distinctive point of view, sparks reflection, starts a conversation, and resonates with women.  Though she does spend a lot of time reading, she’s also an unabashed television aficionado.  Christine attended the University of Missouri’s broadcast journalism program and worked in non-profit management before embarking on a career in book publishing.