Patty FriedmannPatty Friedman, Author of the new Novel
Do Not Open For 50 Years

About The Author

Patty Friedmann, a native New Orleanian, is a much loved storyteller distinguished especially for her accurate ear for the vagaries of New Orleans dialects and her gifts for drawing multi-faceted characters and painting darkly humorous pictures. Patty Friedmann is author of the new novel Do Not Open for 50 Years, the final novel about the Cooper family, a trilogy which began with the novel Too Jewish based on her father, a holocaust survivor, the son of practicing Jews who ended up in New Orleans married into an assimilated family. The trilogy continued with The Next Generation.  Her triolgy has been published by the publishing company of mystery writer Julie Smith, booksBnimble, which also has published Patty’s young adult novel called Taken Away.  Patty’s ouvre includes six other darkly comic literary novels set in New Orleans: The Exact Image of Mother, Eleanor Rushing, Odds, Secondhand Smoke, Side Effects, and A Little Bit Ruined as well as the humor book Too Smart to Be Rich. Her novels have been chosen as Discover Great New Writers, Original Voices, and Book Sense 76 selections, and her humor book was syndicated by the New York Times.

About The Book

In her final installment of her bestselling trilogy focusing on the fictional…but very real to readers…Cooper family, the world turns upside down when Hurricane Katrina blasts apart three generations of Cooper women: Darby Cooper, the daughter of Bernie and Letty, has become a bestselling author, drawing on the tragedy of her father’s life. Despite her success, family, as always, is complex and problematic. Letty has morphed into a self-centered and willful woman far from the kind of wisebubbeh Darby wanted as a mother, while Darby’s daughter Honor, as it turns out, is very much Letty’s girl. Now, in the wake of the storm, Letty’s gone missing, leaving her daughter perplexed and ambivalent, not yet sad. Because Letty is your basic Tough Old Babe in designer clothes and teetering heels and Darby trusts she is okay. The Cooper women, so often so far from each other emotionally, draw ever closer, finding just how strong the bonds of family and love can be. It’s a story destined to satisfy Patty’s existing fans and to draw in new fans!