Steve Striffler

Steve StrifflerSteve Striffler, Ph.D. is the Doris Zemurray Stone Chair of Latin American Studies, Professor of Anthropology and Geography, and Director of Latin American Studies at the University of New Orleans.  Steve received his Ph.D. at the New School for Social Research and has held postdoctoral fellowships at Yale, UNC, and Northwestern Universities.  Dr. Striffler writes on Latin American food, labor, and politics.  His first book, In the Shadows of State and Capital, was published by Duke University Press and explored the history of banana production in South America.  His second book, Chicken: The Dangerous Transformation of America’s Favorite Food, was published by Yale University Press and explored the interrelated histories of chicken and Mexican immigration into the U.S. South.  He currently is working on a book that explores the history of international solidarity between the United States and Latin America.  Steve also enjoys learning and teaching about Latin American art, music, writing, culture, and food.  During Words & Music, 2013, Dr. Striffler will introduce the special guest of honor for Pan American ConnectionsHoracio Castellanos Moya, on Friday, December 6.

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