Carole Di Tosti

get-attachmentCarole Di Tosti is a published writer. She currently writes for Blogcitics, TMR, and New York Theater Wire. She wrote 310 articles for Technorati between 2011-2013. Ms. Di Tosti is an advocate for various issues and has written articles as diverse as labeling GMOs to decrying the discriminatory image of women in the media. As a journalist, she covered the 22nd Hamptons Film Festival, Tribeca Film Festival, Athena Film Festival, Reeabilities, New York Film Festival, 21st Hamptons Film Festival, the 23rd New York Jewish Film Festival, etc. She has interviewed film directors and actors. Her reviews of films, plays and books appear in Blogcritics, New York Theater Wire and All Along the NYC Skyline. She covers wine tastings and other events around NYC such as The NYBG Orchid Show, The NYBG Holiday Train Show,The NYC Coffee and Tea Festival, The Clearwater Festival, Vin Italy Tour, Slow Wine and others. Her published dissertation has been referenced in three books, two by Margo Ely. She manages the content for three blogs and is a professional editor, researcher, and writing coach. Carole Di Tosti has written a novel and continues to write poetry, published on A Christian Apologist’s Sonnets.


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