A Divinely Intuitive Awakening, Anne Presuel, Parkland, FL

Cocoon House, Sarri Gilman, Langley, WA
Good, Not Great Essay Collection, Garry Wallace, Powell, WY
Someone to Watch Over Us, Lee Reilly, Belfast, ME
The Enlightenment of Sana Nasim:A Pakastani Woman’s Online Quest for Happiness, Love, and Meaning, Caleb Powell, Edmonds, WA
The House That Jack Built, Megan Williams, Bellingham, WA
Walking With Nana: A Braided Memoir, Linda Gyrsting Elkan, Marlow, NH

Gowned and Gloved: A Woman Surgeion in a Man’s World, Judith Jackson Petry, Putney, VT
Holding on to Right Side Up, Pat Gallant, New York, NY

Short list

Posey’s Ghost
The Test Dogs
These manuscripts have been forwarded to the final round judge, the highly acclaimed fiction writer and artist, Moira Crone, who was one of the founders of LSU’s MFA program.
A Hollywood Suicide?, Philip Erickson, St. Paul, MN

Coasting on Fumes, Benjamin Duffy, Fort Walton Beach, FL
Her Cumberland, Susan Paisley, Cedar Hill, TN
Señora Loyola, Benjamin Duffy, Fort Walton Beach, FL

Do What You Want, Be What You Are, Kathryn A. Brackett, Spartanburg, SC


Short List
These manuscripts have been forwarded to the critically acclaimed author of a brilliant collection of short stories, The Torturer’s Apprentice. The judge, John Biguenet, in addition to his talents as a fiction writer, is a poet, playwright, and translator of foreign literary works into English.

Baby Dolls
Belle’s Homecoming
Confessions of a Horse Renderer
Didn’t Want to Say I Told You So
Great American Scream Machine
Quiet Men
Same Paradise, Indeed
Thanks for Stopping
The Coming Out Table
The Double Doodle Mantra
Uncle Edgar and the Tintinabulation of the Bells
Who Am I Now?
Bewitched, Lottie Boggan, Jackson, MS

E-A-D-G-B-E, Mimi Manyin, Boston, MA
Face to Face, Abigail Munson, Forsyth, GA
Finding Tranquility, David Martin Anderson, Boerne, TX
Interrupted, Douglas Perry, Fox Island, WA
La Belle Juive, S. A. Slosberg, Bronxville, NY
Mathematics in the Age of Anxiety, Emily Franklin, Newton, MA
Pieces of Eight,
Maureen Welch, St. Augustine, FL
Red Hours of Early Morning,
José Torres-Tama, New Orleans, LA
Cindy McCraw Dircks, Larchmont, NY

The Pianist, Mimi Manyin, Boston, MA
The Porter, Pat Gallant, New York, NY
Visitation, Kim Bradley, St. Augustine, FL

Calvin’s Statement, Suzie Slosberg, Bronxville, NY
Deadbeat, Death, God, Dad, Anthony Charles, III, Gretna, LA
GDM, Lottie Boggan, Jackson, MS
Goodbye, Ralph, Mary Rowen, Arlington, MA
Love Denied, Joyce Davis, Northbrook, IL
The Dump, Abigail Munson, Fortsyth, GA
The Great Afify, S. A. Slosberg, Bronxville, NY

Short List
A House by the Water

Beyond the Boneyard
Down Below
Satsuma Road
The Longbranch
The Petrova Project

Toni in Destin

American Heroine
Faces of War
Georgia Trilogy
Return to Redemption Ridge
The Circlemakers
The Long Walk
The Mummer: A Very Quiet Love
And Yet It Moves, Matthew Minson, Tomball, TX

Hay-Yell, Harriet Johnson Brackey, New Orleans, LA
Rocket Scientists I Have Known and Loved, Petra Perkins, Highlands Ranch, CO
The Executioner’s Apprentice, Matthew Minson, Tomball, TX

Short List
Belly of the Armadilla

Roots in the Inquisition
Stuck in Lo Debar
That Cute Laughing Girl
There’s a Yankee in My Garden
What to Pack in a Hospital Bag
Cul-de-Sac House, Garry Wallace, Powell, WY

Home to Myself, Vicki Siska , Fort Collins, CO
My Southern Daddy, Christine Poythress, Madison, TN
Not Quite, Pat Gallant Weich, New York, NY
One Writer’s Beginnings, Rosemary Daniell, Savannah, GA
Situational Awareness, Garry Wallace, Powell, WY
Crypto Mining, M. D. Veritas, New Orleans, LA

Hand Me Down, Julie Klein, Desmoines, IA,
Jest Hep Me, Lottie Brent Boggan, Jackson, MS
Last Night, Pat Gallant Weich, New York, NY
Mother, Christine Poythress, Madison, TN
Ms. Sue & Mom: Correspondents from the Trenches,
Petra Perkins, Highlands Ranch, CO
Prayerful Hands, Lottie Brent Boggan, Jackson, MS

Short List
How the World Remembers Us

Interior Design
Late Nights on Debardeleben Street, 1973
Love’s Origin
Reading Places,
Say His Name, Too
Seller’s Remorse
Solid Jackson
Superman, Sarajevo
The Space Between
These Crowded Streets

2020, Pat Gallant Weich, New York, NY

Arrogance, James Terry Emonds, New York, NY
Blind Sight, Holly Schwarztol, Cape Canaveral, FL
Corona Consciousness, M. D. Veritas, New Orleans, LA
Deciding Point, Pat Gallant Weich, New York, NY
Hunched Over Notre Dame Deconstructed, Manfred Pollard, New Orleans, LA
Leaf, Bow, and String, Winie English, Naples, FL
The Reaper, Tina D. C. Hayes, Dixon, KY
Turbulence, James Terry Edmonds, New York, NY
What Remains, Mara Levine, New York, NY

A Tree Fell, Pat Gallant Weich, New York, NY

Brief Cases, Pat Gallant Weicih, New York, NY
Farewell, Hormones, Louise Freymann, New York, NY
Little Sister, Holly Schwarztol, Cape Canaveral, FL
New Year’s, Holly Schwarztol, Cape Canaveral, FL
Growing Pains, Tina D. C. Hayes, Dixon, KY
Next Time, Pat Gallant Weich, New York, NY
Second Grade Outing to Central Park, Pat Gallant Weich, New York, NY
Weekend Daddy, James Terry Edmonds, New York, NY




Hourglass, Meredith DeLong, New Orleans, LA
Moss Grows on a Cell Wall, Scarlett Shepard, Brooklyn, NY

Winners for the 2019 competition can be viewed here.

2020 winners, runners-up, and others on the short lists for all categories are posted below. Here is the link to 2020 Competition Finalists, now live, which lists all who placed as finalists in the various categories and all who placed as semi-finalists.
Please note: Some categories have no semi-finalists listed. This means that all deserving of recognition either placed as winners, runners-up, on the short list, or as finalists. Any other entries not listed were deemed not ready for recognition.

The results for 2020 Novel Category are in from the final round judge for that category, legendary literary editor Cindy Speigel. Her selections are as follows:
Greetings from Asbury Park by Daniel Turtel of New York, NY

Hang Me the Moon By Kate Bullard Adams of Durham, NC
Maddie Duell
By Moira Crone of New Orleans, LA

Others on the Short List:
Ghosts of Charleston By Donald Upton of Fayetteville, AR
Skylark by
William Christy Smith of New Orleans, LA
Suppose I Say Hummingbird, Beth Ann Fen